Benefits of Kimchi

Why Kimchi?

Kimchi was rated by Health Magazine to be the #2 Healthiest Food in the World.  Full of raw vegetable nutrition, and 4x more naturally occurring probiotics than in Greek Yogurt, kimchi is undoubtedly a powerhouse of health benefits. 

Some studies have shown that regular consumption of kimchi can improve your digestion and overall gut health, benefit your immune system, decrease inflammation, improve vision, skin, and hair and even have cancer fighting properties.  The wide range of health benefits are limitless.

Unlike with supplements and many dairy based probiotics like yogurt, kimchi creates its probiotic benefits naturally through lactofermentation.  This allows the absorption and response to the probiotics to be more natural for your body and more easily received.  Plus, when you make it yourself, it can be very cost effective, compared to costly probiotic supplements and powders. 

Making your own is a great way to enjoy the health benefits while having fun and learning some new skills.  Making large batches of kimchi is a great experience to share with friends and family who also love delicious food and the added health benefits!  

It is, not only, delicious but also versatile in modern cuisine.  In Korea, it is almost always served with rice at a meal, and that is still my favorite way.  Even fast food and Western style restaurants serve Kimchi as a condiment. It is almost expected everywhere you go. It is also popular in soups, stir fries, and fried rice, but now, many of the U.S.' best and most innovative restaurants are incorporating kimchi into dishes in unique ways.  Kimchi on fries, hotdogs, burgers, eggs, nachos, in dips and spreads, the options are endless! Anything you'd imagine pickles or relish on would be a good vessel for some kimchi!
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