Nomad Kimchi and Quixotic Foundation

Nomad Kimchi was thankful to be a part of the most recent fundraising event for Quixotic Foundation. We donated products to the silent auction for the event. The event, MASKED, was a huge success and raised almost $10,000.

Quixotic Foundation is a non-profit in Kansas City, MO that is focused on giving back to the community where so many of us grew up and were inspired to achieve our dreams, much like the founders of Quixotic and Nomad Kimchi. They pour 100% of their donations back into the community where they fund free public performances and educational outreach. If you'd like to hear more about what they do, to donate, or to volunteer, please reach out.

Quixotic Foundation educational outreach event

You may have heard of Quixotic or seen them perform. They put on a solid set of performances at MASKED including dances, stilt walking, hula hooping, violin, and cyr wheel. You can talk to Quixotic about booking something by contacting them.

Quixotic performing on the side of a building

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