Where you are...

Learn about the art of kimchi and help preserve the tradition

At home...

Use our hand-selected ingredients and your local-to-you veggies to make your own delicious and healthy kimchi


So delicious, so good for you and now, so right at your fingertips

Where you are...

Kimchi recipes have always been passed down through the generations in Korea, but that knowledge is slowing vanishing...

We aim to preserve the art of kimchi by sharing it with you.

Wherever you are in mind, body, or spirit, we will meet you at your level and teach you the skills needed to start your own tradition, make delicious kimchi, reap the health benefits, and gain skills for life.

Make kimchi at home

Inspired by a deep appreciation for food preservation and family traditions,  Nomad Kimchi is revolutionizing the way you see fermentation and flavor.

Artisanal kimchi

With the only truly authentic artisanal kimchi kit on the market, we are emphasizing sustainability and quality at every level:

-By partnering with responsible brands such as, Jacobsen Salt Co. and Big Country Sugar, rest easy knowing we are sending the finest ingredients for your kimchi

-You provide your own jars to keep the process eco-friendly by minimizing excess

-We are developing recipes with exact measurements to help you keep your budget and waste in check

-We support small farms by encouraging local-to-you and seasonal shopping and educating you on how to shop the farmers market

-We are culturally enriching the world by promoting the exchange of lost knowledge and traditions

-And always educating about health and cultural benefits of fermentation and how it can be a great addition to your lifestyle

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